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Vestil Manual Hydraulic Post Tables

Vestil HT-20-2436A Manual Hydraulic Post Table
Vestil HT-10-2036A Manual Hydraulic Post Table
Vestil HT-05-1818A Manual Hydraulic Post Table
Vestil HT-02-1616A Manual Hydraulic Post Table
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$397.00 - $1,727.00
SKU: HT-10-2036A


Vestil Manual Hydraulic Post Tables are foot operated and easily portable. These rugged post tables are built for years of service and are suitable for a wide variety of factory and warehouse applications. Platform is raised via hydraulic foot pump. Posts are telescoping to aid in stabilizing and supporting loads during operation. Vestil manual hydraulic post tables include two locking swivel casters with brakes and two rigid casters. All steel construction, industrial grade components and a tough powder coat finish for a long service life.



  • Hydraulic foot pump operation
  • Many platform sizes to choose from
  • Capacities ranging from 200 LBS to 6,000 LBS
  • Raised heights ranging from 49" to 54"
  • Light-duty units feature a single-speed foot pump. Heavy-duty units feature a two-speed foot pump for maximum operator convenience. All foot pumps include a down speed control valve for safe platform lowering
  • Model HT-02-1616A includes a platform that swivels 360 degrees for use as a turntable
  • Models HT-02-1616A and HT-05-1818A come standard with a removable rubber platform cover
  • Post tables with the suffix A ship knocked down
  • All tables made in the USA except: HT-02-1616A, HT-03-1616A, HT-05-1818A, HT10-2036A, HT-20-2436A, HT-20-3036A



Manual Hydraulic Post Tables:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Platform Size# of PostsRaised/Lowered HeightOperationWeightPriceQty
HT-02-1616A200 LBS16"x16"149" / 31"1 Sp Foot Pump 126 LBS $397.00
HT-03-1616A300 LBS16"x16"149" / 31"1 Sp Foot Pump 126 LBS $559.00
HT-05-1818A500 LBS18"x18"249" / 31"1 Sp Foot Pump 151 LBS $608.00
HT-10-2036A1000 LBS20"x36"254" / 36"1 Sp Foot Pump 241 LBS $794.00
HT-20-2436A2000 LBS24"x36"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump 332 LBS $996.00
HT-20-3036A2000 LBS30"x36"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump 376 LBS $1,074.00
HT-20-30422000 LBS30"x42"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump 483 LBS $1,224.00
HT-20-32482000 LBS32"x48"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump 475 LBS $1,290.00
HT-30-24363000 LBS24"x36454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump340 LBS $1,143.00
HT-30-30363000 LBS30"x36"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump400 LBS $1,200.00
HT-30-30423000 LBS30"x42"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump470 LBS $1,218.00
HT-40-24364000 LBS24"x36"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump346 LBS $1,318.00
HT-40-30364000 LBS30"x36"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump 462 LBS $1,562.00
HT-40-30424000 LBS30"x42"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump477 LBS $1,609.00
HT-60-24366000 LBS24"x36"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump 477 LBS $1,634.00
HT-60-32486000 LBS32"x48"454" / 36"2 Sp Foot Pump556 LBS $1,727.00

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