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Vestil CA-TP Round & Square Carousel Tops

Vestil CA-TP-48-R-TP Round Tread Plate Top
Vestil CA-TP-48-S-TP Square Tread Plate Top
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$70.00 - $1,215.00

Vestil Rugged 1/4" Steel Round & Square Tread Plate Tops, CA-TP Series are factory welded to CA series manual carousels providing a customized carousel solution.


Carousel tops cannot exceed the diameter of the carousel.


Round & Square Smooth Plate Tops are available - Please contact HOF Equipment for information.


Looking for Manual Carousels? - Click Here CA Series Manual Carousels



Vestil Round & Square Tread Plate Tops:
SKUCapacity/Desc.For Carousel Dia.ThicknessOverall SizeWeightPriceQty
CA-TP-18-R-TPRound18"1/4"18" Dia.25 LBS $78.00
CA-TP-24-R-TPRound24"1/4"24" Dia.45 LBS $138.00
CA-TP-30-R-TPRound30"1/4"30" Dia.70 LBS $216.00
CA-TP-36-R-TPRound36"1/4"36" Dia.101 LBS $304.00
CA-TP-40-R-TPRound40"1/4"40" Dia.125 LBS $376.00
CA-TP-48-R-TPRound48"1/4"48" Dia.180 LBS $539.00
CA-TP-60-R-TPRound60"1/4"60" Dia.282 LBS $845.00
CA-TP-72-R-TPRound72"1/4"72" Dia.405 LBS $1,215.00
CA-TP-18-S-TPSquare18"1/4"18"W x 18"L25 LBS $70.00
CA-TP-24-R-TPSquare24"1/4"24"W x 24"L45 LBS $138.00
CA-TP-30-S-TPSquare30"1/4"30"W x 30"L70 LBS $195.00
CA-TP-36-S-TPSquare36"1/4"36"W x 36"L101 LBS $276.00
CA-TP-40-S-TPSquare40"1/4"40"W x 40"L125 LBS $341.00
CA-TP-48-S-TPSquare48"1/4"48"W x 48"L180 LBS $491.00
CA-TP-60-S-TPSquare60"1/4"60"W x 60"L282 LBS $767.00
CA-TP-72-S-TPSquare72"1/4"72"W x 72"L405 LBS $1,104.00

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kevinpseus , 06/08/2018

We use a round top with a Vestil CA-48 manual carousel and it works well