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Vestil Aluminum Dock Plates

Vestil E-4836 Aluminum Dock Plate
Vestil E-4836
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$325.00 - $700.00
SKU: E-4836

Vestil Aluminum Dock Plates, models E-4836, EH-4836, E-4848, EH-4848, E-6036, EH-6036, E-6048, & EH-6048 are a low cost solution to increasing the speed and ease of loading and unloading trucks. These units span the opening between the dock and trailer to allow pallet trucks and hand trucks to safely and efficiently move goods on and off of the trailer. Dock plates are made 100% of high strength aluminum alloy non-skid tread plate making them light and durable. Handles are located on each side of dock plate for easy portability. Not designed for forklift use.



  • Locking legs are OSHA compliant

  • The bend is 11 degrees and 9" from edge of dockplate

  • Treadplate deck provides traction

  • Made from high strength aluminum alloy

  • Handles come standard on both sides of unit



  • No Handles - Model OHDL

  • One Handle - Model 1HDL

  • Smooth Deckplate - Model SDP

  • Special Bend or Location of Bend - Model V-SB

  • Special Location of Legs - Model SLL




There are many additional Aluminum Economizer Dockplate sizes available  - please contact HOF Equipment Company at 888-990-1150 for more information.


Vestil Aluminum Dock Plates:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Plate ThicknessSizeHeight Diff.WeightPriceQty
E-48363,500 LBS3/8"48"W x 36"L5"78 LBS $325.00
EH-48365,300 LBS1/2"48"W x 36"L5"111 LBS $422.00
E-48482,600 LBS3/8"48"W x 48"L7"102 LBS $419.00
EH-48483,800 LBS1/2"48"W x 48"L7"142 LBS $559.00
E-48601,800 LBS3/8"48"W x 60"L9"112 LBS $516.00
E-60364,100 LBS3/8"60"W x 36"L5"96 LBS $396.00
EH-60366,600 LBS1/2"60"W x 36"L5"134 LBS $513.00
E-60482,900 LBS3/8"60"W x 48"L 7"126 LBS $512.00
EH-60484,800 LBS1/2"60"W x 48"L7"173 LBS $670.00
OHDLNo Handles 0 LBS $14.00
1HDLOne Handle0 LBS $7.00
SLLSpecial Location of Legs0 LBS $30.00

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