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Vestil 72" Car Stops

Vestil CS-33 Car Stops
Vestil CS-33- Car Stop
Vestil CS-33-Y Car Stop
Vestil CS-33-KIT Concrete Kit
Vestil CS-AK Asphalt Kit
CS-GD-3 Glue Down Kit
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$65.00 - $137.00
SKU: CS-33-Y

Vestil Car Stops feature a no maintenance design that keeps people and property safe from vehicles in parking areas. Stops are made of of lightweight recycled plastic that never need painting. Can be installed by a single person and is easily removed for seal coating, snow removal, or change of location. Car stops are available in a variety of colors including; safety yellow, blue (for handicap spaces), gray and white. Optional Concrete Hardware Kit includes bolts, anchors and washers. Optional Asphalt Hardware Kit includes spikes and butyl tape. Heavy-duty (HD) asphalt kit includes anchors and bolts. Anchors are epoxied (2 part epoxy not included) into the ground and car stop is secured to anchors with bolts. Optional Glue Down Kit includes anchor plates, t-nuts, bolts, and washers (does not include required 2-part epoxy).



  • Made of of lightweight recycled plastic that requires no maintenance
  • Single person installation
  • 3 mounting holes
  • May be removed for seal coating, snow removal, or change of location
  • Resists marring by oil, road salt, sunlight and chemicals
  • Resists rotting, termite damage and corrosion



Vestil Car Stops:
SKUCapacity/Desc.ColorSize (L x W x H)WeightPriceQty
CS-33-GCar StopGray72" x 6" x 3-1/4"27 LBS $65.00
CS-33-YCar StopYellow72" x 6" x 3-1/4"27 LBS $65.00
CS-33-BCar StopBlue72" x 6" x 3-1/4"27 LBS $65.00
CS-33-WCar StopWhite72" x 6" x 3-1/4"27 LBS $65.00
CS-S72-GCar StopGray72" x 6" x 4"33 LBS $80.00
CS-S72-YCar StopYellow72" x 6" x 4"33 LBS $80.00
CS-S72-BCar StopBlue72" x 6" x 4"33 LBS $80.00
CS-S72-WCar StopWhite72" x 6" x 4"33 LBS $80.00
CS-33-KIT-3Concrete Hardware Kit - Includes bolts, anchors, washers2 LBS $17.00
CS-AK-3Asphalt Hardware Kit - Includes spikes & butyl tape4 LBS $24.00
CS-HD-AK-3HD Asphalt Hardware Kit - Includes anchors and bolts (2-part epoxy not included)3 LBS $57.00
CS-GD-3Glue Down Kit - Includes anchor plates, t-nuts, bolts, washers (2-part epoxy not included)3 LBS $24.00

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