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Vestil WTJ Power Lift Jib Cranes

Vestil WTJ-E-15-3-AC Jib Crane
Vestil WTJ-E-20-3-AC Jib Crane
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SKU: WTJ-E-15-3-AC


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Vestil Power Lift Jib Cranes, models WTJ-20-3-DC, WTJ-20-4-DC, WTJ-20-3-AC, WTJ-20-4-AC, WTJ-E-15-3-DC, & WTJ-E-15-3-AC are designed for lifting applications from elevated locations such as roofs, docks, and truck beds. 12V DC and 115V AC powered winches are available with boom reaches ranging from 3' to 9' and with 25' to 50' of cable depending on the model. 360 degree rotation. Winches can be customized with additional cable if needed - please contact us for a quote. DC models are designed to be hooked up to the vehicle's 12V battery or a stand alone 12V battery (battery not included). Vestil WTJ Power Lift Jib cranes are designed for intermittent use and meet ANSI and OSHA specifications.


Vestil WTJ jib cranes shown on this page have an estimated lead time to leave the warehouse of 3 to 5 business days



  • Features 115V AC power (depending on model)
  • Boom reach: 43-1/16" to 66-3/4" (depending on model)
  • Boom height: 47-1/8" to 73-5/16" (depending on model)
  • Cable length: 25' (depending on model)
  • Has 360 degree rotation
  • Designed for lifting objects at elevated locations (ex. roof)




Intermittent use cranes - models with WTJ-20 prefix - feature rotation hand brakes that offer unlimited 360° rotation. Mast mounts permanently. Boom adjusts in 12" increments and can be positioned at 4 different elevations. DC models include 25 feet of 3/16" aircraft-grade wire rope with swivel hook and safety latch. Folds for storage. Choose either 12V DC, 1/3HP with 12 foot removable plug-in pendant control or 115V AC 1/2 HP with fingertip switch to raise and lower hook. Winch lifts at 7' to 13' per minute depending on how the unit is rigged and the load weight.


Light-duty, intermittent use cranes - models WTJ-E-15-3-AC & WTJ-E-15-3-DC are an economical lifting solution. Units lift up to 1,500 pounds capacity at 36" boom extension. 360° locking manual rotation, 25 feet of 5/32" cable with swivel snatch block and safety latch. 12" x 12" mounting plate. Winch lifts at 7' to 13' per minute depending on how the unit is rigged and the load weight.


NOTICE: Uniform capacity decreases as boom is extended and increase as boom angle is raised. See chart below for capacities at various boom positions.




Vestil WTJ Jib Cranes:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Boom Reach Boom HeightCable LgthWeightPriceQty
WTJ-20-3-DC12V DC Power39-1/4" to 63-1/4"59-9/16" to 96-1/8"46'243 LBS $2,653.00
WTJ-20-4-DC12V DC Power51-1/4" to 87-1/4"59-1/2" to 106-1/2"46'273 LBS $2,752.00
WTJ-20-3-AC115V AC Power39-1/4" to 63-1/4"59-9/16" to 96-1/8"25'280 LBS $3,226.00
WTJ-20-4-AC115V AC Power51-1/4" to 87-1/4"59-1/2" to 106-1/2"25'275 LBS $3,407.00
WTJ-E-15-3-DC12V DC Power43-1/16" to 66-3/4"47-1/8" to 73-5/16"46'213 LBS $2,115.00
WTJ-E-15-3-AC115V AC Power43-1/16" to 66-3/4"47-1/8" to 73-5/16"25'223 LBS $2,691.00

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