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Heavy-Duty Poly Lids for Self-Dumping Hoppers

Vestil PLID Heavy-Duty Poly Lids for Self-Dumping Hoppers
Vestil PLID-H-25 Heavy-Duty Poly Lids for Self-Dumping Hoppers
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$100.00 - $230.00

Vestil PLID Poly Lids for Self-Dumping Hoppers, PLID-H & PLID-D Series keep the contents of hoppers out of sight for a cleaner appearance. Constructed from heavy-duty virgin black polyethylene material, these lids are lightweight and easy to open. The top of the lid includes a crown for water drainage, and a ribbed design for strength and aesthetics. Ideal for schools, hospitals and warehouses. Factory installed when ordered with hopper. May also be easily field installed. Standard color is black. Also available in blue, red, or yellow (please specify color when ordering if would like one of the additional colors).


  • PLID-H Series Lids - For use with Series H Hoppers
  • PLID-D Series Lids - For use with Series D Hoppers
Vestil Poly Lids for Self-Dumping Hoppers:
SKUCapacity/Desc.For Use with Hopper SizeFor Use with Hopper StyleWeightPriceQty
PLID-H-25Hopper Lid For H Hopper1/4 CuYdH56 LBS $101.00
PLID-H-50Hopper Lid For H Hopper1/2 CuYdH57 LBS $122.00
PLID-H-100Hopper Lid For H Hopper1 CuYdH56 LBS $149.00
PLID-H-150Hopper Lid For H Hopper1-1/2 CuYdH61 LBS $173.00
PLID-D-25Hopper Lid For D Hopper1/4 CuYdD56 LBS $100.00
PLID-D-50Hopper Lid For D Hopper1/2 CuYdD57 LBS $122.00
PLID-D-75Hopper Lid For D Hopper3/4 CuYdD58 LBS $130.00
PLID-D-100Hopper Lid For D Hopper1 CuYdD57 LBS $136.00
PLID-D-150Hopper Lid For D Hopper1-1/2 CuYdD58 LBS $173.00
PLID-D-200Hopper Lid For D Hopper2 CuYdD59 LBS $182.00
PLID-D-250Hopper Lid For D Hopper2-1/2 CuYdD59 LBS $227.00
PLID-D-300Hopper Lid For D Hopper3 CuYdD61 LBS $230.00

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