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Double & Triple Decker Hardwood Platform Carts

Vestil WHPT/D-2448 Double Decker Platform Cart
Vestil WHPT/D-3672 Double Decker Platform Cart
Vestil WHPT/TD-3060 Triple Decker Platform Cart
Vestil WHPT/TD-3672 Triple Decker Platform Cart
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$436.00 - $847.00
SKU: VHPT/D-3060


Vestil Double & Triple Decker Hardwood Platform Carts, VHPT/D and VHPT/TD Series minimize lifting and bending. Ideal for shipping areas, offices, warehouse, and plant use. These economical carts are great for an variety of applications. Platform is made of 1" thick hardwood. Countersunk holes a provide a smooth deck surface. Steel push handle is removable. Features 6" x 2" mold-on-rubber casters (two rigid and two swivel). Ships unassembled.


Vestil VHPT/D & VHPT/TD Hardwood Platform Trucks normally leave the warehouse 3 business days.



Vestil Double & Triple Decker Hardwood Platform Carts:
SKUCapacity/Desc.ShelvesPlatform (WxL)Platform HeightsWeightPriceQty
VHPT/D-24481600 LBS224"x48"9-1/2", 29-1/2"186 LBS $436.00
VHPT/D-27541600 LBS227"x54"9-1/2", 29-1/2"190 LBS $467.00
VHPT/D-30601600 LBS230"x60"9-1/2", 29-1/2"207 LBS $486.00
VHPT/D-36721600 LBS236"x72"9-1/2", 29-1/2"277 LBS $599.00
VHPT/TD-24481600 LBS324"x48"9-1/2", 29-1/2", 50" 226 LBS $620.00
VHPT/TD-27541600 LBS327"x54"9-1/2", 29-1/2", 50" 270 LBS $643.00
VHPT/TD-30601600 LBS330"x60"9-1/2", 29-1/2", 50" 313 LBS $660.00
VHPT/TD-36721600 LBS336"x72"9-1/2", 29-1/2", 50" 363 LBS $847.00

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