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Dock Loading Lights

Vestil LL-40 Dock Loading Light
Vestil LL-24 Dock Loading Light
Vestil LL-60 Dock Loading Light
Vestil LL-90 Dock Loading Light
Vestil LL-SAI-40 Dock Loading Light
Vestil LL-SAF-40 Dock Loading Light
Vestil HLGN-40 Dock Loading Light
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$113.00 - $299.00
SKU: LL-40

Vestil Dock Loading Lights LL- Series minimize freight damage while expediting loading and unloading operations in dim environments. Lights provide uniform visibility into trailers and in dock area. Lights are designed to be used in dry locations. Uses standard 115V 1-Phase power. All Dock Loading Lights are UL listed.



Incandescent Lights, Series LL offer excellent color, low replacement cost and turn on instantly even in cold environments. Adjustable arm knuckle joint allows for easy vertical and horizontal positioning. Utilizes a 90 watt bulb (model PAR-38) SOLD SEPARATELY - See below.


Halogen Incandescent Lights, Model HLGN-40, typically provides more lumens/watts, instant on lighting, improved energy efficiency, a longer service life, and experiences less light depreciation over lifespan. Comes with a 500 watt bulb.


Spun Aluminum Dock Lights, series LL-SAI and LL-SAF, stay cool to the touch even with a 300 watt incandescent light bulb. Features strut arm with both horizontal and vertical adjustments. Available in a standard incandescent lamp head or a fluorescent lamp head. Fluorescent units come with a bulb and head.



Vestil Dock Loading Lights:
LL-24Incandescent, Single Arm24"Not Included - See Options14 LBS $118.00
LL-40Incandescent, Double Arm40"Not Included - See Options16 LBS $123.00
LL-60Incandescent, Double Arm60"Not Included - See Options21 LBS $147.00
LL-90Incandescent, Triple Arm90"Not Included - See Options30 LBS $277.00
LL-SAI-40Incandescent, Single Strut Arm40"Not Included - See Options11 LBS $113.00
LL-SAI-60Incandescent, Single Strut Arm60"Not Included - See Options15 LBS $135.00
HLGN-40Halogen Incandescent, Double Arm40"Included6 LBS $166.00
LL-SAF-40Fluorescent, Single Strut Arm40"Included11 LBS $173.00
LL-SAF-60Fluorescent, Single Strut Arm60"Included15 LBS $191.00
PAR-38-9090 Watt Halogen Bulb, 1270 Lumens (for use with prefixes LL & LL-SAI)1 LBS $22.00

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