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Increase Productivity with a Cost-Effective Big Joe 3 Wheel Forklift

 Big Joe V15 3 Wheel Forklift

      Big Joe V15 3 Wheel Forklift


Every warehouse and factory is seeking to increase productivity, but does the price tag to achieve efficiency gains make sense? Weighing this tradeoff comes into play when considering the latest and greatest forklifts. A reasonably priced, compact 3 wheel forklift often hits the mark. In the case of Big Joe Forklifts, you can find the performance you want at a manageable price.


3 Wheel Forklifts That Check All the Boxes

AC powered rear-drive forklifts have the technology that facilities need without the emissions that make indoor operation hazardous. Big Joe 3 Wheel Forklifts can handle a maximum capacity of 2,800 lbs. for the popular Big Joe V15 model and up to 3,500 lbs. for the Big Joe V18 model. The entire Big Joe Forklift line maintains a compact footprint and provides a comfortable ergonomic operator compartment.

In terms of visibility and comfort, Big Joe Forklifts provide operators with everything they need to increase on the job safety and productivity. These lifts have all the bells, whistles, and safety features of a successful 3 wheel forklift in today’s industrial environment.

Big Joe Forklifts are great for use in narrow aisles. Tilt steering wheels and hydraulic control levers make switching between side shift and other modes simple.


Feature Heavy Without the High Price

Simplicity and versatility are woven into the build of every Big Joe Forklift. Electronic information and diagnostic displays give the operator a clear idea of charge levels and other settings, while the standard controls you expect in a forklift are provided here in the highest quality without the sky-high prices. Battery, transmission and motors all come with manufacturer warranties.

The Big Joe V15, and V18 are high-performance 3 wheel forklifts at a fair price. HOF Equipment Company delivers the material handling equipment that powers growing businesses. For further information or inquiries please visit or contact us at 888-990-1150.