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Vestil 72" Speed Bumps

Vestil SB-36 Speed Bump
Vestil SBA-36 Speed Bump
Vestil SBG-36 Speed Bumps
Vestil Speed Bumps
Vestil SB-36 Speed Bumps
Vestil SBE-12 End Caps
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$52.00 - $248.00
SKU: SB-36


Vestil 72" Speed Bumps are designed to protect pedestrians and property by controlling vehicle speed. Speed bumps are 72" long, safety yellow in color and constructed of lightweight recycled plastic that requires no painting or maintenance. Compression strength is 3,200 lbs per square inch to withstand truck and semi-trailer traffic. Models SB-36, SBA-36, SBG-36 & SBHA-36 are 10"W by 2"H, while models SBD-72, SBDA-72, SBDG-72 & SBDHA-72, measure 12"W by 2¼"H. Speed bumps resist marring by oil, road salt, sunlight and chemicals. Dual 1"W x ¾"H cable channels and 4 mounting holes. Can be removed for seal coating, snow removal, or change of location. Easy single person installation with hardware kit included.

  • Concrete hardware kit includes bolts, anchors sleeves, and washers

  • Asphalt kit includes spikes and butyl tape

  • Heavy-duty asphalt kit includes anchors and bolts. Anchors are epoxied (2 part epoxy not included) into the ground and speed bump is secured to anchors with bolts.

  • Glue-down kit includes anchor plates, t-nuts, bolts, & washers (requires 2 part epoxy which is not included)

  • End caps (Model SBE-12) available ONLY for 10" wide models: SB-36, SBA-36, SBG-36 & SBHA-36



Vestil Speed Bumps:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (LxWxH)Mounting Hardware ForWeightPriceQty
SB-36Speed Bump72" x 10" x 2"Concrete26 LBS $130.00
SBD-72Speed Bump72" x 12" x 2.25"Concrete40 LBS $172.00
SBA-36Speed Bump72" x 10" x 2"Asphalt28 LBS $140.00
SBDA-72Speed Bump72" x 12" x 2.25"Asphalt43 LBS $185.00
SBDG-72Speed Bump72" x 12" x 2.25"Glue-Down40 LBS $201.00
SBG-36Speed Bump72" x 10" x 2"Glue-Down26 LBS $156.00
SBHA-36Speed Bump72" x 10" x 2"Asphalt - HD Kit28 LBS $181.00
SBDHA-72Speed Bump72" x 12" x 2.25"Asphalt - HD Kit43 LBS $248.00
SBE-12End Caps - Set of 2 (for use with 10"Wx2"H speed bumps)  9 LBS $52.00

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