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In a workspace in which deliveries are a regular occurrence, it is essential to have traffic control equipment which will keep workers in safety. At HOF Equipment Company we have a wide range of high-visibility protective equipment, such as speed bumps, parking blocks and traffic cones, which protect pedestrians from vehicles.

Speed Humps
Rubber speed bumps ensure that vehicles travel at an appropriate speed when close to pedestrian areas. At HOF Equipment Co we offer plastic speed bumps and rubber speed bumps which are long-lasting and efficient. Plastic speed humps have widths of 10” or 12” and are a bright yellow, while rubber speed humps are larger, measuring 23.5” or 35.5” wide, and are black with reflective yellow strips for visibility. Speed bumps are easy to attach to the ground and can easily be removed for snow plowing etc. Various different hardware options for attaching speed humps to the ground are available.

Parking Blocks
Parking bumpers, or car stops, are designed to delimitate parking areas for vehicles, thus protecting pedestrian areas. At HOF Equipment Co, we have a wide range of parking blocks which are easy to install. Plastic parking blocks are available in various different sizes, from 24” to 96” long in the case of truck parking blocks. Plastic parking bumpers come in four different colors: blue, gray, white and yellow. Rubber parking blocks measure from 31.5” to 71.5” long and are black with yellow reflective strips.

Traffic Cones
When you need a portable solution for marking out safe areas, traffic cones are the perfect solution. Highly visible and instantly recognisable, traffic cones can be easily set out and quickly gathered together again, and take up minimal space in storage.

Other traffic control equipment
At HOF Equipment Company we also have wheel curbs for loading areas, which help drivers position correctly in dock areas, and flexible stakes which will not damage vehicles if struck. Check our site regularly to find new products, which are continually being added!

Whatever your safety equipment needs, HOF Equipment Company has the right product for you – from parking blocks to speed bumps to traffic cones, we can help you create a safe environment for your business. Visit our site or call us on 888-990-1150 today!