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Vestil VPLDO/S-1418 Steel Plate Dolly
Vestil VPLDO/S Steel Plate Dollies

1,200 LB Capacity
Steel Plate

Vestil Aluminum Plate Dolly
Vestil VPLDO/A Aluminum Plate Dollies

1,200 LB Capacity
Aluminum Plate

Vestil DOL-4048-6T
Vestil DOL Aluminum Pallet Dollies

4,000, 6,000 & 8,000 LB Capacities

Vestil DOL Tilting Aluminum Pallet Dolly
Vestil DOL Tilting Aluminum Pallet Dollies

4,000, 6,000 & 8,000 LB Capacities

Vestil LFH-55
Vestil LFH-55 Lo-Profile Dolly

840 LB Capacity
Low Profile

Vestil ATD-1622-4
Vestil ATD Adjustable Tote Dollies

2,000 & 3,000 LB Capacities
Adjustable W & L

Vestil ODMD 2436-6 Machinery Dolly
Vestil ODMD Open Deck Machine Dollies

6,000 & 10,000 LB Capacities
Open Deck

Vestil ACP Aluminum Channel Dolly
Vestil ACP Aluminum Channel Dolly

900 & 2,000 LB Capacities

Vestil VHDD-2436 Heavy Duty Dolly
Vestil VHDD 2436 Heavy Duty Dolly

4,000 LB Capacity
Steel & Hardwood

Vestil VPRDO-6T Cast Aluminum Dolly
Vestil VPRDO Cast Aluminum Dolly

1,500 - 9,000 LB Capacities

Vestil NPL-21 Appliance Dolly
Vestil NPL Appliance Dolly

600 LB Capacity

CMD-A-NS-200-4PK Narrow Corner Dollies
Vestil Corner Dollies

800 or 1,200 LB Capacity per set
Aluminum or Steel Construction

Vestil PRRJ-DOL Pallet Rack Dollies
Vestil PRRJ-DOL Pallet Rack Dollies

1,000 LB Capacity per pair

Vestil PLDL-ADJ Adjustable Door Dolly
Vestil PLDL-ADJ Adjustable Door Dollies

500, 600 & 1,000 LB Capacities

AST01 Slab Dolly
Aardwolf Slab Dollies

661 LB to 992 LB Capacities

Vestil ALL-T-D6W-1000 All Terrain Dolly
Vestil ALL-T-D6W-1000 All Terrain Dolly

1,000 LB Capacity

Vestil ALL-T-D8W-1400 Rough Terrain Dolly
Vestil ALL-T-D8W-1400 All Terrain Dolly

1,400 LB Capacity

Vestil ROLL-D Roll Dolly
Vestil ROLL-D Roll Dollies

125 LB or 440 LB Capacity


Industrial dollies are an ideal, low-cost, space-saving solution for moving heavy equipment, machinery or pallets around the workplace. Simple in design, dollies are however extremely versatile, and come in varied shapes, sizes and uses, making it easy for you to transport items to where they need to be. At HOF Equipment Company, we stock a wide range of industrial dollies for all your workplace needs.

Types of industrial dollies

  • Steel dollies – hardwearing and durable, these industrial dollies can handle heavy loads with ease;
  • Aluminum dollies – lightweight and easy to store or carry when not in use, these can be used in a variety of ways;
  • Pallet dollies – these are designed for moving heavy pallets without the need for a large pallet stacker or pallet jack;
  • Door dollies – their compact design allow a single user to move heavy doors around the warehouse in ease;
  • Roll dollies – carry vertical rolls, taking up minimal space during transport;
  • All terrain dollies – can handle even rough surfaces, allowing them to be used outside;
  • Slab dollies – for panels, slabs and sheet materials;
  • Machine dollies – used in pairs or fours, these can handle heavy machinery;
  • Tilting dollies – assist in loading and unloading.

Advantages of using industrial dollies:

  • Low profile dollies mean that loading and unloading is extremely easy;
  • Unlike pallet stackers, no power is needed to use dollies;
  • Heavy duty dollies can handle extremely heavy loads;
  • Industrial strength swivel casters make maneuvering easy;
  • Adjustable dollies can be modified according to the load;
  • Industrial dollies take up minimal space in storage and are easy to carry when not in use;
  • Open deck dollies give increased versatility;
  • Dollies usually take up less space than the item being transported, making them ideal for use in areas with limited space;
  • Industrial dollies can often be used by a single operator.

When you need to move things around your workplace, consider investing in a high-quality industrial dolly. You are sure to find a model which is suitable to your needs, which will make your work easier in no time! Browse our wide selection online or call 888.990.1150, where we will be glad to help you choose a heavy-duty dolly for your workplace.