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Factors You Need to Know About Industrial Ladders

Industrial ladders have many useful applications across a wide variety of industries. There are many types of ladders depending upon their usage and other factors. Industrial ladders are generally made of steel or aluminum. Ladders can be foldable, collapsible, fixed or mounted, or they may serve as an extension or a raised platform. It is crucial to choose the right type of ladder for your industrial application. There are several factors one must consider when sourcing industrial ladders. For instance, it is crucial that the ladders fulfill OSHA and ANSI standards and requirements. This post touches upon the different types of industrial ladders in the market and the factors to consider when choosing them.

Know About Different Types of Industrial Ladders

There are various types of ladders used in industries. Here are some of them:

  • Mezzanine Ladders: These ladders are quite safe as they come with a hand railing and are more like a staircase. They are fixed to raised areas that are otherwise inaccessible to the staff on the production floor. Usually made of metal, these are often powder coated and have anti-skid steps. Their height usually ranges from 50" to 120" depending upon the brand and can be customized according to the application requirement. Mezzanine ladders can be installed easily with mounting brackets, which may be either bolted or welded.
  • Warehouse and Maintenance Ladders: Maintenance ladders are a cost-effective solution for a warehouse. Aside warehouses, they find applications in offices, retail stores, and industrial manufacturing units. These are rolling ladders, and you just need to roll and tilt them whenever needed. They are usually made of steel with a powder coating finish. They have a safety access chain and perforated steps. Most of them have a removable hand railing. Most maintenance ladders would have steps ranging from 5 to 20. These ladders have a steel tubing framework on which they are based.
  • Crossover Ladders: Crossover ladders resemble a bridge with staircases at both ends. So, you can climb up the staircase at one end, walk over the platform and come down from the staircase at the other end. These are installed at crossover points, and especially where there is no place to walk. They are permanently fixed and anchored to the floor. These are usually made of metal such as steel, and come with a powder coated finish. They are sturdy but can be folded or dismantled when shipped or transported. They have a high hand railing.
  • Weight Actuated Ladders: These high-quality and extremely safe ladders have a locking mechanism once the user climbs any step. So, they are also called lockstep ladders. This auto-locking system eliminates the need for the user to remember to lock the ladder. There is a foot pedal, which releases the lock. These ladders are made of steel with a standard powder coat They come with a removable access chain and a relatively high hand railing. Their height ranges from 50" to 150".
  • Cantilever Ladders: These ladders help the staff reach inaccessible points in the unit. They have rear and base frames made of steel, and come with industrial quality locking casters for the ladder locks. Cantilever ladder have support platforms that increase their safety. They are made of steel and have a powder coated finish. These ladders have perforated steps and long hand rails. Their height ranges from 70" to 150".

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial ladder

Now that we know the types of industrial ladders, it is crucial to choose the right one based on your requirements. For instance, you may choose a ladder with many angles; however, that may not be suitable for your requirement, especially in compact spaces. Matching the ladder features with your requirement is of utmost importance. Here are some pointers you may find helpful:

  • Material used
  • Height requirements
  • Safety features
  • OSHA or ANSI compliance
  • Load bearing capacity

If you need any type of industrial ladder, make sure you buy it from a known supplier. HoF Equipment Company is a top supplier of all types of industrial ladders and material handling equipment. HoF carries the best brands in the market.

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     Vestil LAD-MM Grip-Strut Rolling Maintenance Ladders