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96" Single Sided Cantilever Racking - Medium Duty

Vestil MU-C-8 Cantilever Racks
Vestil MB-C-8 Brace Sets for Cantilever Racks
Vestil MSA-C Arms for Cantilever Racks
Vestil MIA-C Arms for Cantilever Racks
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$507.00 - $807.00
SKU: MU-C-8-24


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Vestil 96" Single Sided Cantilever Racking, MU-C-8 Series, is perfect for easy manual loading and unloading of bar stock, pipes, tubing, lumber, and other stock items that must be stored on a rack. An open arm design allows for easy forklift accessibility. Arms are quickly and easily adjustable up and down the length of the upright. To adjust arms: align arms with pre-drilled holes and secure with key lock. Arms feature end lips to hold products in place. This cantilever rack features bolt-together construction with welded steel components and long-lasting powder coat finish. Vestil Single Sided Cantilever rack systems include all assembly hardware.


How To Build A Custom Single Sided Cantilever Rack - See Charts Below:

STEP 1 - Select at least 2 uprights. There are various upright capacities, each with different required arm sizes. Uprights are sold individually.

STEP 2 - Select a brace set. The brace set holds the uprights together and determines the spacing between the uprights.

STEP 3 - Select the required arm size for the uprights selected in step 1 and the number of arms desired. Arms are either straight or 10° inclined. Arms are sold individually.

STEP 4 - If needed, the overall rack length can be customized by adding additional uprights, brace sets, and arms. Bolts that attach the brace set to the upright are long enough to attach a brace set to both sides of the upright.


Vestil MU-C-8 series Single-Sided Cantilever Racking has an estimated lead time of 4 business days to leave the warehouse.


Uprights - Sold Individually. Capacity Is Per Upright:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Ht.Base SizeArm Size To UseWeightPriceQty
MU-C-8-127600 LBS96"25.37"12"150 LBS $507.00
MU-C-8-186300 LBS96"31"18"155 LBS $550.00
MU-C-8-245300 LBS96"37"24"160 LBS $557.00
MU-C-8-364500 LBS / 4000 LBS96"49.37"30" / 36"170 LBS $583.00
Brace Sets - Length Determines Spacing of Uprights:
MB-C-8-36Length 36"28 LBS $110.00
MB-C-8-48Length 48"42 LBS $116.00
MB-C-8-60Length 60"48 LBS $136.00
MB-C-8-72Length 72"52 LBS $136.00
MB-C-8-96Length 96"66 LBS $166.00
Straight & Inclined Arms - Sold Individually:
MSA-C-1212" - Straight Arm1000 LBS10 LBS $32.00
MIA-C-1212" - 10 Deg. Inclined Arm1000 LBS11 LBS $34.00
MSA-C-1818" Straight Arm750 LBS12 LBS $33.00
MIA-C-1818" - 10 Deg. Inclined Arm 750 LBS13 LBS $37.00
MSA-C-2424" - Straight Arm600 LBS15 LBS $35.00
MIA-C-2424" - 10 Deg. Inclined Arm 600 LBS14 LBS $40.00
MSA-C-3030" - Straight Arm500 LBS17 LBS $43.00
MIA-C-3030" - 10 Deg. Inclined Arm 500 LBS17 LBS $50.00
MSA-C-3636" - Straight Arm400 LBS21 LBS $53.00
MIA-C-3636" - 10 Deg. Inclined Arm 400 LBS19 LBS $58.00

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