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Take Out the Trash Easily with a Trash Can Dumper


A universal truth is that all businesses big and small have to deal with trash. Be it a warehouse or manufacturing facility, chances are good that managing trash is one of the more necessary but frustrating aspects of your job. Moving trash from one location to another takes time and energy that could be spent on more productive tasks. There is also a safety factor in that lifting and dumping full, heavy trashcans can pose significant injury risk to workers.

Employees can be kept safer and workflows more efficient by investing in a trash can dumper or box dumper. These simple machines handle the hard part of taking out the trash and ensure workers are able to quickly and efficiently manage waste.



HOF Equipment Company offers portable trash can dumpers that ride on industrial-strength casters allowing them to be easily moved from location to location. These useful machines can dump heavy trash cans weighing up to 400 lbs. and work with most standard trash can sizes. Dumpers with various dumps heights are available depending on the height of your dumpster or main trash receptacle.


Powered and Manual

Trash can dumpers make it easy for a single worker to dump a full trash can. Both manual and battery powered dumpers are available.  Manual trash can dumpers achieve their functionality with a simple hydraulic foot pump, while battery-powered trash can dumpers use an electric hydraulic motor to dump. Both types have the similar options and lift capacity so expected usage, facility layout and personal preferences will determine which is best for you.


A hydraulic trash can dumper makes trash collection easy and ensure employees can safely and efficiently handle one of the least glamorous tasks. With HOF Equipment’s wide range of dumpers, we’re certain we can help you find the perfect dumper for your facility. For more information and to view our offering of trash can dumpers and other material handling equipment please visit or contact us at 888-990-1150.



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