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Big Joe M22 Vs. Big Joe S22 - Electric Pallet Stacker Comparison

Electric Pallet stackers are a quick and easy way for workers to safely move materials around a warehouse or factory. Choosing the right pallet stacker can be a challenge, though, as there are many different models on the market. With many features and options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to figure out exactly which stacker is the ideal fit. With that in mind, here’s a quick comparison of two high quality electric pallet stacker series; the Big Joe S22 and Big Joe M22:


Drive and Lift

Both the M22 and S22 feature a DC powered lift capable of raising 2,200 pounds. TheBig Joe S22 series features 3 models with raised heights of 62”, 96”, and 116”. The Big Joe M22 series also has 3 models with raised heights of 63”, 98”, and 118”. The M22 series are manual push while the S22 series adds a powered drive that makes it easier to move from one location to the next when saddled with a full load.


Forks and Legs

The S22 and the M22 both features adjustable straddle legs which allows them to straddle the pallet/skid in order to get the forks into the slots. These versatile electric pallet stackers can be used to handle both standard pallets with an understructure and open bottom skids. The fork width on both models is also adjustable.




The M22 and S22 are powered by AGM maintenance-free batteries and include an integral battery charger. The S22 is naturally tougher on its battery since it relies on the battery for movement in addition to lifting, but a high-efficiency permanent magnet drive motor helps to limit energy use. The S22 can move up to 33.5 feet-per-minute when empty and up to 17.8 feet-per-minute at maximum capacity.



Both the Big Joe M22 and the Big Joe S22 are backed by a one-year frame warranty and a six-month battery warranty, in addition to a six-month warranty on parts and a three-month warranty on labor. The S22 straddle stacker also boasts a 1-year transmission warranty to protect its powered drive.

HOF Equipment stocks a wide line of electric pallet stackers as well as a wide range of other material handling equipment. For more information please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150.



Big Joe S22-62 Electric Pallet Stacker

     Big Joe S22-116 - 2,200 LB Fully Powered Electric Pallet Stacker


Big Joe M22-118 Electric Pallet Stacker

     Big Joe M22-118 - 2,200 LB, Manual Drive / Powered Lift Electric Pallet Truck