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All About Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift tables provide ergonomic, adjustable height workspace that aids in preventing worker injury and strain. Because a scissor lift table lifts materials to the correct height to match the task at hand, it provides an immense amount of utility to many warehouse and shop-based workflows. There are many different scissor table models out there that provide different benefits depending on the specific usage and included features. For example, U-shaped lift tables are designed for the easy offloading of forklift cargo.


Several attributes of a scissor lift table determine its functionality:

Single and Double Scissor

Scissor lift table are available in two primary varieties: Single or double scissor. Single scissor tables generally do not provide as much lift height as double scissor tables; the addition of a second scissor in the design enables double scissor lifts to rise higher from the lowered position. Single scissor designs are often all that is necessary for many applications.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Because scissor lift tables carry loads of thousands of pounds, most are powered to enable speedy raising and lowering of the platform. Electric hydraulic lift tables are the most common type, however pneumatic scissor lift tables available for users that have factory air readily available.


Mounting Options

Scissor lift tables can be mounted either directly on the ground or in a pit. Mounting a table in a pit makes it possible to load the lift at ground level and also helps to save floor space when the device is not in use. If building a pit is not possible, Ground Scissor Lift Tables are a type of lift table that are loadable at or near ground level without the need of a pit.


Common Options

Scissor lift tables offer a bevy of optional features specific to the lift make and model. For instance, the standard Vestil Scissor Lift table has the optional features; programmable height control, foot control, built-in carousel, integrated scale, and accordion skirting. Additionally, most scissor tables come with various motor voltage options including 115 volt 1 phase, 208-230 volt 1 phase, 208-230 volt 3 phase, 460-480 volt 3 phase, and 12 volt DC battery power to name a few.


Choosing the right scissor lift table for your application is a detailed process that requires careful attention to each lift’s features and your specific application. For more information or questions about finding the right scissor lift table please visit or contact us at 888.990.1150.



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