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Material Handling Equipment For Sale - Lift Tables, Gantry Cranes, Loading Dock Levelers, Electric Pallet Stackers, & much more!


HOF Equipment Company specializes in material handling equipment, ergonomic equipment, loading dock equipment, pallet trucks, pallet stackers, drum handling equipment, forklift attachments, hoppers, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, packaging equipment, storage solutions, industrial ladders and much more.

Featured Products

Vestil SLNM-98-AA Electric Pallet Stacker
Vestil SLNM-98-AA Electric Pallet Stacker

Narrow Mast, Manual Drive & Powered Lift,
Adjustable Forks/Legs, 1,500 LB Capacity, 98" Lift

$2,270.00 - $2,964.00
Presto PLS48-450
Presto PLS48-450 Lift Stik

DC Powered Platform Lift, 450 LB Capacity,
52" Lift Height, 22" x 23½" Platform

Vestil SNM-90-AA Electric Pallet Stacker
Vestil SNM-90-AA Electric Pallet Stacker

Narrow Mast, Powered Drive & Lift,
Adjustable Forks/Legs, 2,500 LB Capacity, 90" Lift

$6,197.00 - $6,891.00
Vestil CYL-2 Welding Cylinder Cart
Welding Cylinder & Torch Carts
$625.00 - $652.00
Big Joe M22-63 Manual Straddle Stacker
Big Joe M22-63 Straddle Stacker

Manual Drive & Powered Lift, Adjustable Forks/Legs,
2,200 LB Capacity, 63" Lift

Vestil SE/HP-63 Pallet Stacker
Vestil SE/HP-63 Electric Pallet Stacker

Manual Drive With Hand Pump and Powered Lift,
Fixed Forks/Legs, 2,000 LB Capacity, 63" Lift

$1,545.00 - $1,747.00

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Use a Stainless Steel Pallet Truck in Clean Environments

The popular conception is that the process of moving pallets and other heavy items is something that happens on a dirty loading dock or in an exposed warehouse. The truth of the matter is that sometimes heavy items need to be transported through clean spaces where ensuring those environments stay clean is mission critical.


Save Money and Time with a Manual Pallet Stacker

One of the more time-consuming aspects of handling goods is a business is dealing with the loading and unloading of shipments. This is especially true if workers regularly have to deal with pallets weighing hundreds or thousands of pounds. The good news is that if you don’t have a large quantity of pallets to unload daily, then you don’t need an expensive forklift to efficiently unload and transport your pallets to where they are needed.


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