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Material Handling Equipment For Sale - Lift Tables, Gantry Cranes, Loading Dock Levelers, Electric Pallet Stackers, & much more!


HOF Equipment Company specializes in material handling equipment, ergonomic equipment, loading dock equipment, pallet trucks, pallet stackers, drum handling equipment, forklift attachments, hoppers, gantry cranes, jib cranes, hoists, packaging equipment, storage solutions, industrial ladders and much more.

Featured Products

Big Joe E30 Electric Pallet Truck
Big Joe E30 Electric Pallet Truck

3,000 LB Capacity, Overall Fork Size 27"W x 45"L

$2,989.00 - $3,718.00
Big Joe D40 Electric Pallet Truck
Big Joe D40 Electric Pallet Truck

4,000 LB Capacity, Overall Fork Size 27"W x 45"L

$3,749.00 - $4,768.00
Vestil CART-1000D-DC Electric Lift Cart
Vestil CART-1000D-DC Electric Lift Cart

1,000 LB Capacity, 63¾" Lift Height, 20½" x 39¾" Platform

Big Joe M22-63 Manual Straddle Stacker
Big Joe M22-63 Straddle Stacker

Manual Drive & Powered Lift, Adjustable Forks/Legs,
2,200 LB Capacity, 63" Lift


From Our Blog

Dispose of Empty 55 Gallon Drums Easily With The Vestil Drum Crusher - HDC-900-IDC

55 gallon drums are an excellent way to store and move substances from one location to another, but what do you do with all the empty drums while waiting for them to be disposed of? The trouble with steel drums is that unlike cardboard boxes that break down easily or totes that stack, an empty drum takes up just as much space as a full one. That’s why at HOF Equipment, we highly recommend the use of the Vestil drum crusher to maximize usable floor space.


Overhead Lifting Made Easy With A Portable Aluminum Gantry Crane

If you have an application that requires lifting heavy objects from an overhead position, a portable aluminum gantry crane may be just the tool you need. Adjustable-height aluminum gantry cranes are easy to move, easy to operate, and give workers a more efficient way to deal with hoisting large, heavy items in their workflows.


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