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Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousel

Vestil CA-KP-6060-6 Heavy Duty King Pin Carousel
Vestil KA-KP- Heavy Duty King Pin Carousel
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$937.00 - $1,539.00
SKU: CA-KP-6060-6

Vestil Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousels, CA-KP- Series offer all the ergonomic benefits of a standard carousel but adds a top tread plate and a stabilizing center pin. These rugged units will handle a wide variety of load types. Features include a 1/4" tread plate top on 4,000 lb. models and a 3/8" tread plate top on 6,000 lb. models. A heavy-duty maintenance free bearing keeps this carousel spinning for years. The king pin's design allows off-set loading of up to 50% of the capacity on at least 50% of the deck. Standard top plate is square with rounded corners.


Contact HoF Equipment if special tread plate sizes are needed.



Vestil Heavy-Duty King Pin Carousels:
SKUCapacity/Desc.Size (WxL)HeightWeightPriceQty
CA-KP-3636-44,000 LBS36" x 36"2⅝"221 LBS ($937.00)
CA-KP-3636-66,000 LBS36" X 36"2"263 LBS ($1,023.00)
CA-KP-4848-44,000 LBS48" X 48"2⅝"367 LBS ($1,224.00)
CA-KP-4848-66,000 LBS48" X 48"2"442 LBS ($1,278.00)
CA-KP-6060-44,000 LBS60" X 60"2⅝"554 LBS ($1,434.00)
CA-KP-6060-66,000 LBS60" X 60"2"654 LBS ($1,539.00)